How To: Fly a RC helicopter using cyclic and rudder controls

Fly a RC helicopter using cyclic and rudder controls

Mikey shows you how to use the cyclic controls on a 6-channel helicopter radio controller. Cyclic controls move a helicopter forwards and back, as well as side-to-side. If you're comfortable with using the rudder controls, you're ready to move on to the cyclic control, usually found opposite of the rudder controls on the radio controller. The control is easiest to use while the helicopter is in the regular orientation, with the tail pointed towards you. Mikey also demonstrates how to use the rudder simultaneously with the cyclic controls to keep the helicopter in the proper orientation, as the cyclic controls can cause the helicopter to twist out of its ideal orientation. Steps includes stablizing the gyro, stabilizing the helicopter, trimming the rotation of the hovering, using the rudder to keep the control straight, hovering forwards and backwards as well as left and right within a practice box, and concluding with a few rounds of flying around the perimeter of the practice box. This video will prepare you with the skills required to move up to flying your helicopter with more advanced orientations.

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