How To: Make a remote controlled engine boat from useless junk parts

Make a remote controlled engine boat from useless junk parts

Have you ever tried making your own remote-controlled water boat, but were missing all the key parts? Well, now you don't need to worry about expensive ingredients, because this video will show you how to make an RC engine boat with useless junk. You just might have some old used crap lying around, collecting dust, so why not put it to use making this awesome toy? You'll need some basic used parts, a plane toy and power supply fans.

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whew where to fnd 2 PC FANZ


in the radio shack... or the junkyard....... and places like that......

cant we use other plastic fanzz??

What can be the substitute of the r/c motor and propeller AND the r/c remote control circuits?

wow... how badly did you fail engineering

would anyone know of or how to make a r/c frame for a motorcycle? I would like to build my own from scratch however im wondering if an helio gyro help with balance. any thoughts?

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