How To: Select the right LiPo battery for an RC vehicle

Select the right LiPo battery for an RC vehicle

If you call yourself a hobbyist or a kid at heart, you know that remote-controlled vehicles are more than just fun. If you're a serious R/C man, you'll know all about doing everything to your model truck or car, like fixing wheels, vamping the pinion gears, waterproofing, troubleshooting, electronic diagnostics, setting up, programming and finally... racing. As much as you know about these remote-controlled vehicles, it will never be enough, you'll always be looking for more...

This video tutorial will teach you how to select the right LiPo battery for a remote controlled vehicle. You'll see about selecting the right 3S LiPo (Lithium-ion polymer) battery for your Axon Racing anti-gravity Razorback Racer. The video goes over the correct Li-Po to buy for the correct C and mAh value to feed 45A to the dual brushless motors.

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ok so i want to run two, 7.4 volt 4000 mah 10 c lipo batteries in my aquacraft super vee 27, the speed controller is a 45 amp 18 v, with the two batteries i was hoping to achieve 14.8 volts but after seeing your explanation i think there might be too much amprage. 4000 mah x 10 c = 40,000 which is 40 amps x the two packs means 80 amps? will this burn out my speed controller?

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