How To: Take apart a Nitro RC engine

Take apart a Nitro RC engine

Starting with the cooling head you are going to have many different screws that could require a screw or a hex. After the screws are removed you can easily lift the cooling head from the engine. The plate underneath should pop right off along with the sleeve and the shim. Make sure you keep the sleeve and shim together. The starter will off once the screws are removed for it as well repeat the process for the backplate. Rotate the piston and this will allow you to pop the sleeve off. To remove the piston use a pair of pliers with electrical tape so you won't mark anything on the inside of the engine. Pushing the piston up again will allow you to simply pop the crank out. The carb will come out easily once you remove the screw. To remove the bearings from the engine you will need to heat the engine case to about 250 degrees in you oven and use a tool that is the same diameter of the bearing. Press the tool against it and pop it out.

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