How To: Tune a Nitro Engine / Tyrannosaurus 4WD Nitro RC Truck

Tune a Nitro Engine / Tyrannosaurus 4WD Nitro RC Truck

Do you want maximum performance for your TRex 4WD Nitro RC truck? This tutorial details the steps to tuning your Nitro engine, as well as the specific mechanics and inner workings of the Nitro Engine of Tyrannosaurus 4WD Nitro RC Truck.

- Set the needle valve of the High End mixture properly to achieve good balance between engine heat and acceleration.
- Turn the High End needle valve by half or full circles clockwise (closed, more acceleration = more heat) or counter-clockwise (open, less acceleration = less heat). Don't tighten the valve too much or the engine will overheat. Find a balance between heat and acceleration.
- To modify the fuel control on the Low End, turn clockwise to allow less fuel to the carburetor and counter-clockwise to allow more fuel to the carburetor while the engine is idle.
- Don't touch the Low End unless truly necessary to avoid much frustration. Turn very small amounts when needed, and find a perfect balance between acceleration and heat so the engine will not quit on fast acceleration. Settings affect on engine start.

If the engine quits, there is either too much or too little fuel going to the carburetor. Experiment around to find a perfect balance. The levels shown in the video are the best for the guide's truck, but find the right levels for your own truck. Good luck!

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