How To: Troubleshoot basic electric errors in RC

Troubleshoot basic electric errors in RC

This video will help you diagnose and troubleshoot on a basic level, your electric kit. I get asked alot "please fix my rc" and the main issue is that people do not understand how their rc works. While using a multimeter, I will show you how to diagnose battery batteries bars, esc, receiver, antenna, radio on crystals 2.4ghz synthesized modulation motor brushless bl brush less brushed transmission slipper gears pinions cvd dogbones dog bone wheels pins hex and other aspects that will not allow a kit to run
picco rb .12 .15 2.5 3.3 .18 os axial lrp spec 3 .21 .20 .23 .21 .25 .26 .27 .28 .30 .32 collari trxv sirio hyper mini st.

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can you give me an rc car receiver and transmitter schematics

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